Lagoon Amusement Park

Lagoon Biergarten

Lagoon wanted to introduce a new food and drink option for their patrons, a beer garden. Although having a beer license for many decades, it had never been fully utilized. The goal of the project was to find a way to introduce a beer attraction into a pre-existing site that was once an entertainment stage, but was no longer being used. The result was a small Bavarian village square. There are 2 bars, 60 taps, 20 unique beers, a sit down restaurant, a grab-and-go restaurant and 2 of the largest kitchens on the park.

The Design Process

As the Lagoon Biergarten project continued to grow, we brought on several partners to help us bring the Bavarian theme to life. With the help of Dan Stalker Architecture, we were able to work hand-in-hand to create fully branded and themed buildings. EPG was also engaged to help develop the landscaping, which was meant to emulate a small road running through a German town. Overall, Long Weekend help coordinate all of the designs, and worked closely with Lagoon to make sure all designs were well thought out and executed correctly.

Creating a Bavarian Village

In addition to architectural and landscape design, Long Weekend worked closely with Lagoon to make sure all of the details were in place that would create a rich and unique experience for patrons of the Biergarten. Exterior elements like flower boxes, the clock tower, and signage we all designed to help make the buildings feel like they were authentically Bavarian. Lights, tables, and all interior materials were also closely considered to resemble a large German beer hall.

Designing a Dining Experience

Our roles as consultants on the project would ultimately extend into the beer and food selection process. We helped Lagoon with initial beverage selections that would provide variety, while catering to local breweries with large followings. We also pushed for food items that were Bavarian in nature – like pretzels and schnitzel – to create a more immersive dining experience.

Unique Challenges

Lagoon Amusement Park has a wide variety of attendees each year, and while alcohol has always been allowed, it has never been provided by the park. Because many of the park goers would not care for an experience around alcohol, the space was set back off of the main midway, and the site selected was an old amphitheater – a shape which the complex would eventually mimic as an homage to what once was.

Consultant Management

In the end, Long Weekend would manage upwards of 12 sub-consultants to get the necessary design completed. This included architectural, engineering, and landscape needs.

Extending Timeline

The project was originally intended to be less than 5,000 sqft and only 2 bars. As the scope grew, so did the timeline, which mean managing resources and expectations.

Beer Relationships

Long Weekend Studio, in addition to helping with the overall beer selections and food selections, also facilitated a custome “Lagoon-A-Bier” with Uinta Brewing.

Hands on Finishing

Long Weekend Studio was on-site for weeks towards the end of the project. This was to ensure all construction was being done as designed, but also included setting tables and creating flower arrangements.


We thank all of our partners, and Lagoon for the chance to work on such an amazing and ground breaking project for the park.

Architect: Dan Stalker Architect, Landscape Architect: EPG, Civil Engineer: KL&A, Contractor: Okland Construction, Signage Fabricator: Lagoon Amusement Park